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High quality reliable service for graffiti removal, material spills clean up, parking line painting, general property maintenance and more.
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We serve: The Golden Horsehoe from St. Catharirie's to Pickering. G.T.A. incl. Newmarket, Vaughan and North to Barrie. West to Brantford.

Graffiti Removal

Professional and effective graffiti removal. Fast Response. Proven techniques for graffiti prevention.
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General Maintenance

Lot clean up and maintenance, effervescence treatment, paint spills, floor coatings and more. All your maintenance needs..
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General Repairs

Drywall, tile, grout cleaning, siding, parking lots. All your property repair needs covered.
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Mold Remediation

We can replace drywall and rebuild, completely removing harmful and dangerous mold from your property. We re-make it better than new.
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Graffiti Removal and Prevention

Before and AfterBio-friendly Graffiti removal from: Plastic, vehicles, metal, signs, vinyl, aluminum, lexan, glass, wood, masonry, brick, stone, etc. We can clean off multiple types and colours of paint and permanent marker, inks, lipstick, grease, tar etc. from almost any surface.

Colour Matched Painting: When necessary professional and colour matched painting is essential in deterring graffiti vandals and restoring a building to its original look. We colour match and paint in a way that the color blends in with the existing surface using only the highest quality paints and primers. In some instances surfaces are extremely difficult to clean, and in some cases the graffiti will not come off. If you have one of these surfaces on your building and it is in a medium to high risk area for graffiti, then consider calling us for an estimate on Anti-Graffiti Coating your building.

Authorized Service Vendor for Winmar Property Restoration

Authorized Service Vendor for Dufferin Construction

Authorized Service Vendor for Maple Reinders

Authorized Service Vendor for Ledcor