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Miscellaneous Information:

Thanks for your interest in Wipeout Specialty Cleaning.
Did You Know:

  • When Graffiti is removed within 48 hours it significantly reduces repeat offences
  • The person who puts graffiti on wants their graffiti to be seen.  When it is removed quickly it takes the fun out of it for them. They will either give up or move elsewhere.  If we can quickly remove the graffiti they will eventually give up altogether.
  • Graffiti is easier to remove when it is new.
  • If graffiti is left to sit on a surface it sinks deeper and bonds stronger to that surface.  Some graffiti, if left for a very long time, will not come off the surface with cleaners.  It will have to be either sandblasted or painted over depending on the surface, which significantly raises the costs.  The answer is, get it removed as soon as you spot it.
  • Graffiti attracts more graffiti and other types of vandalism and lowers property value
  • When graffiti is left on a building, others will try to put their tag or mural on as well.  This type of vandalism can and will attract other types of vandalism.  If they can get away with graffiti, there is always the potential for other forms of property damage.
  • People feel safer at buildings and plazas that are graffiti free.



Authorized Service Vendor for Winmar Property Restoration

Authorized Service Vendor for Dufferin Construction

Authorized Service Vendor for Maple Reinders

Authorized Service Vendor for Ledcor