Anti-Graffiti & Protective Coatings for Any Surface - Available in Clear or Coloured

In some instances some surfaces are extremely difficult to clean or in some cases the graffiti will not come off due to issues with the surface of the affected area.
If you have one of these surfaces on your building and your property is in a medium to high risk area for graffiti, then considcalling us for an estimate on coating your building.
Our treatment will protect any type of surface for easy removal of graffiti with no chemicals just water and also protect the surface from weather, road salt, etc.
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Sample Graffiti Removal on Treated Surface

City of Barrie Bridges.

Bridges for City of Barrie

Washroom stalls & lockers coated with anti-graffiti coating

Treated washroom partiton

Lockers before treatment

Lockers after treatment

Treated washroom partition


Anti-Graffiti Clear Coating: Graffiti Alley

Graffiti on wall in alley

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Mandarin Restaurant, Anti-Graffiti treatment.


Mandarin Restaurant


Mandarin Restaurant

Other samples of our work:


Clear coated mural









Pizza Pizza location mural


Injured Workers' Memorial, Hamilton



Metro Link Rail Service, Pearson Airport

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