Sanitation ServiceWipeout Specialty Cleaning Inc. is a rapidly growing leader in incident or emergency response including environmental sterilization and disinfection, as evidenced by the trust level of some of the biggest corporations in Canada. (See  Utilizing state of the art equipment and professionally trained personnel Wipeout Specialty Cleaning is uniquely positioned to ensure a safe and  virtually  non-communicable workspace for both employees and customers.    

With Wipeout's training and expertise you are always ensured of a successful outcome.  Whole space decontamination remains the most effective way to manage a potentially volatile environment. In addition to focusing on high use shared environments  and  surfaces  Wipeout  uses  a  specialty, government approved anti-viral  solution that is  "fogged" or misted onto all surfaces. 

Wipeout's products are accompanied by Health Canada approved Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and Drug Information Numbers (DIN) which are   government registered as not only effective in the elimination of viral contaminants but are also safe, non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

Additionally, with Wipeout products pre-cleaning or surface preparation is suggested, but not required.With an average drying time of 10 minutes (depending on the surface type) Wipeout's dedicated sanitization equipment allows almost immediate re-entry to the treated area, with the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have used the best provider, the most sophisticated equipment and the same solutions widely used within the food industry & medical profession.

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